TLC is guaranteed for your animal
When these dogs were first introduced to each other the little one had so many issues she would not let any other dog near her. Just six weeks later using healing and the therapies below just look at them now.

Healing has been practiced for thousands of years and is the oldest complementary therapy. It is the channeling of Universal energy and is beneficial to all living things. It is 100% safe, non-invasive and works hand in hand with conventional medicine. The energy works on both emotional and physical conditions, it relaxes the mind, relieves tension and helps the body use its natural healing ability. 

 Animals benefit from healing and make good patients as they instinctively know it will help them.  It can help with issues  caused by illness, rehoming, abuse, depression or changes in their home environment. Animals are very sensitive to their  guardians stresses and can develop various ailments or behavioural changes as a result. Too often we are caught up in our busy lives  and our problems can manifest in our pets but they cannot tell us how they are feeling so they suffer in silence. They may become withdrawn, lose their appetite, become over clingy or they may develop behaviour issues.

 Of course all these things could have a physical cause and therefore your first call should be to your vet to rule out any illness. The veterinary profession recognises the benefits of animal healing and will give permission for the animal to receive healing along with their conventional treatment. As professional healers we will not conduct any healing on an ill dog without the vets permission.

All animal healing is carried out in the pets home or environment as this helps them to feel more relaxed.

Other Animal Therapies

 Alternative and complementary therapies are growing more popular each year, there are so many to choose from. We work closely with qualified practitioners of the following:

Animal Aromatics - animals used to self select their medication in the wild from plants and other natural sources. Since we have domesticated them we have taken away their choice. This therapy offers the animal the pure oils which they would have obtained from plants in the wild, if the animal instinctively feels the oil will help them it will be accepted. If an unsuitable oil is offered it will be rejected. 

Only 100% pure oils are offered.
Bach Flower Remedies - most people have either heard of or used 'Rescue Remedy' the remedies work very well on animals. A detailed case history will be taken and the remedies will be chosen according to the animals needs. It is a safe and natural supplement to help your animal in times of need. 

Natural Treats

Although this is not a therapy we do need to be careful what we feed our animals. We have given a variety of home baked treats and food  to our own rescue dogs who always come back for more. We only use human grade organic ingredients and if you would like to know more please contact us.